Unadopted streets

Adopting an unadopted street

Lancashire County Council would only consider adopting streets that meet the following criteria:

  • The street should be a front street, serving as the main or sole access to not less than six domestic properties
  • The street should be a through street, connecting to a street other than a back street
  • The street should be substantially built up, ie not less than 75 per cent of the frontage should be residential or industrial curtilage
  • No more than 10 per cent of the frontage shall be in land in unknown ownership

In order for a street to be adopted, the condition of the street must first be brought up to an adoptable standard at the expense of the frontagers. In other words, Lancashire County Council would not adopt a street in a poor condition and then set about improving it using its own budgets.

There are two main methods by which an unadopted street may become adopted:

  • Firstly, frontagers may combine to undertake improvement works themselves at their own expense - construction being inspected by Lancashire County Council. On completion, the highway authority would be asked to adopt the street by declaration. Notices would be posted with a period for objections to be made. Lancashire County Council could apply for any objections to be overruled by the magistrates' court
  • Secondly, frontagers could apply to us for the street to be made up in accordance with the Private Street Works procedure contained in Part XI of the Highways Act 1980

You can email us at engineering@pendle.gov.uk.