Neighbourhood planning

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Independent examiner Mr David Proctor BSc, MTPL, MRTPI, MInstLM was appointed by Pendle Council to carry out the examination of the plan.

The Examination commenced on Friday 20 April 2018.

Examiner's Report

The Examiner has now completed his examination of the plan and submitted his report to Pendle Council. A copy of the report can be viewed below. 

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan Examiner's Report

Examination Library

The Examination Library provides a list of those documents which have been submitted as part of, or produced during, the Examination. The full list of documents (including weblinks) is available to download below:

Examination Library Document List (last updated 30/07/2018)

List of Documents:

EX/01 Examiner's Letter to the Parish Council

EX/02 Trawden Forest Parish Council's Response to the Examiner's Letter

EX/03 Examiner's Letter to the Programme Officer

EX/04 Letter from Trawden Forest Parish Council

EX/05 Site scoring details (Site Assessment Forms)

EX/06 Notes of Scoring of Sites

EX/07 Site Assessment Participants

EX/08 Map of Heritage Assets

EX/09 Map of Landfill Sites

EX/10 Map of Minerals Safeguarding

EX/11 Map of Coal Mining (Overview Map)

EX/12 Map of Coal Mining (Trawden Village)

EX/13 Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for Black Carr Mill (Site 015)

EX/14 Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for Rear of Black Carr Mill (Site 012)

EX/15 EA response to the Flood Risk Assessments

EX/16 LLFA response to the Flood Risk Assessments

EX/17 Proposed changes to Policy 2 of the TFNP

EX/18 Examiner's Letter to the Programme Officer