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Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan

What's happening? - Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan has successfully progressed through its Examination. At the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 25th September it was agreed to accept the modifications to the plan as recommended by the Examiner and allow the plan to proceed to a Referendum vote.  

The Referendum was held on Thursday 8th November 2018 and the Neighbourhood Plan was approved. You can download the referendum results. Further information on the Referendum can be found in the Referendum Information Statement (including information for voters). You can also download the Notice of Referendum and the Notice of Poll.

The decision statement and referendum documents are available to download below and at the following locations (during their normal opening hours):

  • Trawden Forest Parish Office, Unit 2A Black Carr Mill, Skipton Road, Trawden, BB8 8QU
  • Trawden Forest Community Centre, Church Street, Trawden, BB8 8RU
  • Colne Library, Market Street, Colne, BB8 0AP
  • Number One Market Street, Nelson, BB9 7LJ

What has happened so far...

Trawden Forest Parish Council submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to Pendle Council for Examination on 6th February 2018. A public consultation on the Submission Plan took plan between Friday 23rd February 2018 and Friday 6th April 2018. 

The Submission Plan, its accompanying documents and all comments recieved to the public consultation were sent to an Independent Examiner who carried out an examination of the plan. You can find out more about the Examination on the Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan Examination page.

A public consultation of the draft Neighbourhood Plan was carried out between Monday 27th November 2017 and Monday 8th January 2018. This consultation gave members of the public and other interested parties to comment on the draft plan. Further information and the consultation documents can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan pages of the Trawden Forest Parish Council website

Trawden Forest Parish Council has carried out a number of consultation exercises over the last year to help formulate the Neighbourhood Plan for the parish. This included an event at the Trawden Garden Festival in July.  

Trawden Forest Parish Council has submitted a formal written notification to Pendle Council stating its intention to prepare a neighbourhood plan. 

A public consultation was held between 22nd July 2016 and 19th August 2016 giving people a chance to consider and comment on the proposed boundary for the neighbourhood plan area. Five responses were received by the Council to the consultation with the majority supporting the designation of the plan area. The comments are available to view below.  

At the meeting of the Council's Executive on Thursday 25th August 2016 it was resolved that the Parish area for Trawden Forest be designated as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of Neighbourhood Planning. The public notice confirming the designation can be viewed below. 

The Parish council can now start the formal process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. Further details of their progress can be found on the Trawden Forest Parish Council website.

Documents to Download

Referendum Documents

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan (Referendum Version)

Examiner's Report for the Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan 

Decision Statement (Regulation 18(2))

Referendum Information Statement

Consultation comments on the Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Area proposal

Submission Documents

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Version)

Consultation Statement

Basic Conditions Statement

SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) & HRA (Habitats Regulation Assessment) Screening Report

Neighbourhood Area Map

Notice of designation of the Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Plan Area

Consultation comments on the Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Area proposal

Trawden Forest Neighbourhood Area Proposal