Licensing of sex establishments

The official notice

Changes to the Licensing of Sex Establishments

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with Section 2 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 ("the 1982 Act"), that on 24th March 2011 Pendle Borough Council ("the Council") resolved that the provisions of Schedule 3 of the 1982 Act, as amended by Section 27 of the Policing and Crime Act 2009, be adopted and shall apply within the Borough of Pendle ("the Borough") with effect from 6th May 2011.

The provisions of Schedule 3 of the 1982 Act relate to the licensing of sex establishments. The effect of the resolution will be to provide the Council with additional powers to regulate 'Sexual Entertainment Venues' and, subject to exemptions within Schedule 3, to require premises which provide 'relevant entertainment' (as defined within the 1982 Act) to be licensed.

The resolution will come into force within the Borough on 6th May 2011, to be known as the 'first appointed day', which marks the start of a twelve month transitional period. Applications for Sexual Entertainment Venue licences may be made by operators from the first appointed day onwards. All applications received within six months of the first appointed day will be considered together at the conclusion of that six month period ("the second appointed day"). Applications made after the second appointed day shall be considered when they are made, but only once all applications made on or before that date have been determined.