Housing needs, options and advice

Representation in court

Court Desk

If you're facing repossession, going to court can be upsetting. The Housing Possession Court Duty scheme or 'Court Desk' can help you access quality legal advice and provide representation in court.

It can also provide last minute help if you have not sought legal advice before your court hearing. Specialist advisers can give you free legal advice on the day of your hearing. They will represent you at the hearing and follow through with any resulting action. They will help you explain why you haven't made your payments. They can also help you negotiate an arrangement with your mortgage lender or landlord to pay off your debts. 

You can get help if you are a tenant or a mortgage holder for possession hearings and warrant applications, but you must make sure you attend your court hearing.    

You can get help under the Court Desk scheme whatever your financial situation as long as you have a hearing listed the same day.  

Why you should attend the hearing

You need to attend your hearing, because it's your opportunity to tell the court why you have fallen behind in your mortgage or rent payments. If you don't attend, the court may make a decision to evict you. Once this decision is made by the court, it's very difficult to stop the eviction from taking place.  

If you have a good reason, you may be able to have the proceedings postponed. This would give you time to catch up on your repayments.  

There is more information about housing possession court procedures available on Her Majesty's Courts Service (HMCS) 

Who to contact

This will depend on whether your case has been listed at Burnley County Court or Skipton County Court.

If your case has been listed at Burnley County Court, you should contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, who are working in partnership with Shelter to deliver this service:

Colne - The Citadel, Market Place, Colne
Tel: 01282 867188

Nelson - 61-63 Every Street, Nelson
Tel: 01282 616750

Barnoldswick - 10 Rainhall Road , Barnoldswick
Tel: 01282 814814

If your case has been listed at Skipton County Court, you would still be able to receive advice prior to going to court by Citizen's Advice Bureau/Shelter, but the actual court desk scheme is run by Key House. For further information on this service, contact Key House.