Financial assistance for owner occupiers

Unfortunately, at the moment financial assistance to carry out repairs and improvements is not available. All financial assistance for repairs is awarded at our discretion, and subject to sufficient finance being made available.

Responsibility for the maintenance and repair of private housing has always rested, and continues to rest, with the property owner.

We realise that there may be situations where an owner's circumstances and the condition of the property means that vital maintenance and repairs are not carried out. This can leave vulnerable people living in poor quality housing and the effects of poor housing on health have long been established. The elderly and young are particularly at risk from increased poor health outcomes.

The Home Improvement Service can offer advice, help and information to homeowners whose property requires repairs and improvements. We also work closely with Pendle Home Care & Repair in assisting residents over the age of 60 who require help.

For any further information, please contact the Housing Regeneration Service by emailing Housing Regeneration

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