COVID-19 Support for individuals

Coronavirus rules for Pendle

From Tuesday 22 September, the rules are:

Social restrictions

You must not have anyone in your home or garden, unless they are in your support bubble

You must not visit anyone in their home or garden, whether in Pendle or outside of Pendle unless they are in your support bubble

People can still come into your home or garden for the following reasons:

  • if everyone lives together or is in the same support bubble
  • to attend a birth at the mother’s request
  • to visit a person who is dying
  • to fulfil a legal obligation
  • for work purposes, or to provide voluntary or charitable services
  • for the purposes of education or training
  • for the purposes of childcare provided by a registered provider
  • to provide emergency assistance
  • to enable one or more persons in the gathering to avoid injury or illness or to escape a risk of harm
  • to facilitate a house move
  • to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person
  • to continue existing arrangements for access to, and contact between, parents and children where the children do not live in the same household as their parents, or one of their parents

You must only visit indoor locations such as restaurants and pubs with other members of your household or support bubble

Households within a bubble can still visit each other, stay overnight, and visit public places together.

In addition to these restrictions, the Government are advising that you should not socialise with people outside of your household or support bubble in outdoor areas.

Business restrictions

Hospitality for food and drink must be table service only. Hospitality venues include:

  • restaurants, including hotel dining rooms and members’ clubs
  • cafes (not including cafes or canteens at workplaces where there is no practical alternative for staff at that workplace, cafes or canteens at hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons and establishments intended for use for naval, military or air force purposes, or services and for providing food or drink to the homeless)
  • bars including bars in hotels or members’ clubs
  • pubs
  • social clubs
  • casinos

The following businesses and venues must close from 10pm until 5am each day:

  • the hospitality businesses and venues listed above
  • amusement arcades or other indoor leisure centres or facilities
  • funfairs (indoors or outdoors), theme parks and adventure parks and activities
  • bingo halls
  • concert halls

Businesses and venues can still sell food and drinks for consumption off the premises between the hours of 10pm and 5am, but only for delivery service in response to orders received:

  • through a website, or otherwise by online communication
  • by telephone, including orders by text message
  • by post

What happens if I break the rules?

The police can take action if you break these rules. They can ask people to disperse and issue fixed penalty notices starting at £100 for those who participate in illegal gatherings.

People aged 18 or over can be fined:

  • £100 for the first offence, lowered to £50 if paid within 14 days
  • £200 for the second offence, then doubling for each further offence up to a maximum of £3,200

Other guidance

Residents are also asked to adhere to the following guidance:

  • only use public transport for essential purposes, such as travelling to school or work. You must wear a face covering if you do
  • do not attend amateur and semi-professional sporting events as spectators

Team sport and physical activity

You can continue to take part in organised sporting or licensed physical activity in groups of more than 6. This can be in any public place – indoors or outdoors – but not in a private outdoor space like a garden or inside a private home.

These activities either need to be organised by a national governing body, club, registered instructor/coach, business or charity, and/or involve someone who has received an official licence to use equipment relevant to the activity. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with COVID-19 secure guidance.

You should only be playing team sports where the relevant governing body has published guidance on how to do so safely. See a list of team sports governing bodies which have developed guidance. For all other sports, guidance is available from your governing body and details on how to safely undertake this activity within an organised environment.

Organised dance and exercise classes can take place in groups of more than 6, where a risk assessment has been carried out, but you should limit your social interaction with other participants. The relevant indoor sport facilities guidance or outdoor guidance must be followed for these activities. Organised sport and physical activity events are allowed provided they follow guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England.

Guidance to help you stay safe

  • Stay at home if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of Coronavirus 
  • Wash your hands regularly using soap and water and carry hand sanitiser when you go out
  • Keep 2m distance from people not in your household
  • Avoid handshakes and embracing when meeting others 
  • Wherever possible, do your shopping online, pre-book appointments and use contactless payments

Face coverings

You are legally required to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces including shops, supermarkets and on public transport.

Read the Government's guidance about face coverings.

Weddings and funerals

In Pendle, a maximum of 20 people can attend a wedding or funeral. These should be limited to close family of the people getting married or the person who has died, or people who live(d) or formed a support bubble with them. A close friend should only attend a funeral if there are no household members or immediate families. Anyone working at these ceremonies or events are not included as part of the 20 person limit.

Religious ceremonies and places of worship

You can attend a mosque, church, synagogue, temple or other place or worship, but you should socially distance from people outside of your household. This means maintaining a distance of 2 metres, or 1 metre with mitigations (such as wearing face coverings).

If possible, prayer or religious services should take place outdoors.

Going to work

You can continue to travel in and out of Pendle for work. Workplaces should implement COVID-19 secure guidance.


You can continue to use early years and childcare settings, including childminders and providers offering before or after school clubs or other out-of-school settings for children. You can also continue to employ nannies – see guidance on working safely in other people’s homes.

Grandparents are also allowed to provide care for children under the age of 14 or for vulnerable adults.

Other friends or family who do not live with you must not visit your home to help with childcare unless they are part of your support bubble. The only people who should help you with childcare in your home are people you live with, grandparents, people in your support bubble, or registered childcare providers including nannies.

Children of parents who are separated can continue to move between households.

Moving home

People can move home. Estate and letting agents as well as removals firms can continue to work and people looking to move home can still go to viewings.

Getting tested for Coronavirus

If you have symptoms, you need to get a test. 

Remember, if you have symptoms, or you test positive for COVID-19, you need to self-isolate for 10 days.

If you live with someone who has symptoms, or who has tested positive for COVID-19, you need to self-isolate for 14 days.