Our grants and support

Grants for Growth assists the growth and development of private sector businesses within Pendle by encouraging investment in projects which will help to develop and expand their operations.

Grant assistance of up to 25% of the eligible costs, subject to a minimum award of £2,000 and a maximum grant of £10,000. Capital Items only.

A commitment to continuing with the successful programme of grants for new businesses. 

Encouraging Board members to be ambassadors for Pendle, and expanding the existing membership to include young, growing Pendle businesses.

We improved access to business support to make it easier for local businesses to access business support provided by us.

For more information about Gearing Up For Growth, contact Regeneration on housing.regeneration@pendle.gov.uk or Business Support and Development on business.support@pendle.gov.uk.

In order to help grow our local economy it's vital that we do all we can to help businesses in Pendle, supporting those that wish to expand and encouraging the growth of new companies. To make sure this happens, we have allocated £340,000 to the Gearing up for Growth programme.