Legal Orders and Notices

Borough of Pendle Compulosry Purchase Order 2021 80 to 82 Leeds Road, Nelson

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990

The Acquisition of Land Act 1981

Section 15 Acquisition of Land Act 1981

1 Notice is hereby given that The Borough Council of Pendle, in exercise of the powers of the confirming authority under the above Acts, on the 4th March 2022 confirmed The Borough of Pendle (80-82 Leeds Road, Nelson) Compulsory Purchase Order 2021. No objections to the order were received within the permitted period and consequently notification was given by the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities that the power to confirm the order may be exercised by the acquiring authority in accordance with section 14A of the Acquisition of Land Act 1981.

2 The order as confirmed provides for the purchase for the purposes of development or re-development or improvement of the property described in Schedule 1.

3 A copy of the order as confirmed by The Borough Council of Pendle and of the map referred to therein have been deposited at the Council Offices at No. 1 Market Street Nelson and may be seen at all reasonable hours.  Alternatively, a copy may be requested by leaving a message on 01282 661642.

4 The order as confirmed becomes operative on the date on which this notice is first published. A person aggrieved by the order may, by application to the High Court within 6 weeks from that date, challenge its validity under section 23 of the Acquisition of Land Act 1981. The grounds for challenge can be that the authorisation granted by the order is not empowered to be granted or that there has been a failure to comply with any relevant statutory requirement relating to the order.

Schedule 1

All interests in the premises known as 80-82 Leeds Road Nelson BB9 9TN

Howard Culshaw
Head of Legal Services
The Borough Council of Pendle
Market Street

4 March 2022