Climate Change

Climate Action Fund Grant Application form guidance

Guidance for completing the application form

Question 1 - what do you want to do?

Give a brief outline of your project.  

Question 2 - what priority themes will this project help deliver?

Consider which of the following themes the project aligns to: 

  • support and enable sustainable travel
  • reduce carbon emissions and energy demand from the built environment
  • reduce the harmful impacts of waste and water consumption
  • support our future generations to find solutions
  • support biodiversity and the natural environment to help local carbon off setting opportunities 

Question 3 - what positive impact will the project have on the local area or school?

Show how your project will help to reduce carbon emissions, or how it will help to improve the environment.

Question 4 - how will you involve people in the delivery of the project?

Show how you will engage people in the planning and delivery of the project. Have you consulted others in your community or school about the project?

Question 5 - when will you deliver the project?

Consider the timescales for your event. Will it be delivered in one day or over a period of time?

Question 6 - what are your COVID-19 contingency plans?

We'd like to know what you will do if further COVID measures affect the delivery of your project. For example, if you can't start on the particular date you had planned to, can your project still go ahead?

Question 7 - is there anything else you would like to tell us about the project?

Use this box to give us any information about your project that you haven't given us elsewhere.

Question 8 - which locality your project is delivering in

Tell us where in Pendle your project will be delivered.

Community Group applications

Community group applicants will also need to submit the following documents:

  • a copy of your group’s rules or constitution 
  • a copy of your group’s annual accounts 
  • a copy of your group’s safeguarding policy

If you need more advice and guidance to complete your application, please email

What happens once I have submitted an application?

Your application will be assessed by the Appraisal Panel and we’ll inform you of the outcome within 6 weeks.

Apply for the Climate Action Fund Grant