COVID-19 Grants for Businesses

Payment holiday for tenants of Council-owned commercial properties

Tenants who rent our commercial properties can have a three month rental payment holiday. The suspended rent must be paid back to us by 31 March 2021.

Our commercial properties include shops, cafes, offices, a nursery and industrial estates. We also have community and charity tenants.

We will place a temporary stop on all Direct Debits. Tenants should temporarily cancel Standing Orders relating to any rent due from March 30 2020.

If you have already paid rent for the next three months or you cannot stop a payment, you will receive a refund.

But if you are in rent arrears, or have agreed a repayment plan to clear any arrears, these payments should continue if possible.

If you want to continue to pay your rent as normal, email as soon as possible.

The situation will be reviewed in three months’ time or as and when required.