Request a Second Grey Bin

Families of 5 and below should be able to manage with one 240 litre bin.

If there are 5 or less people in your home, and you do not have children in nappies, you will not qualify for an extra grey bin. 

If you have 6 or more living in your property, or have children in nappies, or if you think there are exceptional circumstances, use this form to make a request for an additional grey bin.


After receiving your form, we carry out a number of checks.
  • We visit your property on at least 3 recycling days, to make sure you are recycling everything you can. if you aren't, you won't qualify for an extra bin
  • We might also do a waste analysis. This looks at 2 weeks of grey bin waste. Anything found in your grey bin which could be recycled is taken out. Once we've done this, we put the rest of the watse back in the bin. If the lid on the bin shuts, you will not qualify for an extra bin

If you need a replacement bin, please use our order a new bin form.