Vicky Witch welcomes you to Victoria Park

Vicky Witch and her friends can't wait to help you explore Victoria Park on a one mile family friendly route – with lots of fun along the way!

There are six activity stations along the route, with fun activities and tasks to do using sights and sounds within the park. Young children can work off some energy jumping, hunting for things and playing games, while for older children there are weather report activities and nature tasks. These change with each season so there’s always something new to discover.

There’s lots to look out for too. Can you find a cat? A wand? Vicky’s spellbook? Keep your eyes peeled for a special storytelling circle, and look out for Unsworth in the dragon’s tunnel.

Vicky Witch

And be sure to make a wish at Vicky’s cauldron before you head home. With the help of Vicky’s magic, it might just come true!

Every season there’ll be a prize on offer of vouchers to Pendle Leisure Trust attractions. Just collect the quiz questions and anagram puzzle from the park's pavilion  and solve them on your walk around the park.


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Pleased to meet you!

Our trail is based on local legend and introduces you to several Lancashire folklore characters. Can you spot them as you go round the park?

 Vicky Witch Vicky Witch loves nothing more than flying around the park on her broomstick! Bargvest the boggart is Vicky’s sidekick, and a very mischievous one too.  Bargvest the boggart
 Trash the dog Trash the dog is said to be a ‘harbinger of doom’ which means if you see him bad things could happen. But really he’s just a misunderstood pup! Unsworth is a friendly kind of dragon. But watch out for his fiery breath if he gets cross as folklore says he once destroyed a whole village!    Unsworth the dragon
 Ghost owl Ghost is a barn owl that likes to watch over the park from high in the treetops - ghost is an old name for barn owls, by the way! Brock the badger is a little shy and likes to roam the park by night. He got his name from the old Lancashire word for badgers.  Brock the badger


Get Up and Active!

The Vicky Witch activity trail is part of Pendle’s Up & Active project. Up and Active aims to help you take small steps to become more active, more often. For more information and to register for free fitness activities in Pendle, visit the Up & Active website .