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Our aims are to not only deal with stray dogs but promote responsible dog ownership in Pendle through following the guidelines laid out in the animal welfare act 2006. Our working practises are based around this and the kennels that we use for our stray dogs follow these guidelines strictly.

We also promote microchipping and tagging of dogs, neutering, training and offer free poop scoop bags for dog owners across Pendle. We also offer a euthanasia scheme to help those people that cannot afford to humanely put their dog to sleep should it become ill.

Animal Welfare Act:

The Animal Welfare Act is a new law that will provide much greater protection not only for dogs but all animals.

The law came into force on 28 March 2007 in Wales and on 6 April 2007 in England . See more details of the act and guidance for owners of animals.

It is important to remember that most pet owners will not need to change the way they care for their animals to comply with the new law - most people already provide for their pet's needs.

The law is not designed to catch people out - only to help protect animals that do not receive proper care.


Indiscriminate breeding of dogs can lead to unwanted litters of puppies. These can then often be dumped, allowed to stray or sadly be killed. By neutering your dog to stop them having puppies it can help to reduce this as a welfare issue. Your vet can provide you with details of neutering your dog, and the councils dog wardens can offer you contacts for help with payments towards neutering if you are on benefits.


Basic training of commands such as "sit", "stay", "come" and "no" can all help to control your dog so that he does not become a nuisance in the local area. It can also prevent your dog from straying as you will have control of him at all times. Training can also help your dog to grow into a loving and rewarding companion.

Poop Scoops:

Every dog owner must by law clean up after their dog in a public place should it defecate.

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