Scrutiny Management Team

Our Scrutiny Management Team has 11 Councillors who oversee the work of the Executive and look in detail at the quality of our and other local services that affect the lives of people in Pendle. The team appoints individual panels from amongst its membership to undertake specific reviews and co-ordinates the work.

Each year the team agrees a work programme. Some of the work is undertaken by the full team but the specific reviews are undertaken by panels appointed for that purpose. The following issues are included in the 2016/2017 work programme for review:

  • Health and Social Care – Mental health in the community, care homes and mental health wards
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation provision in East Lancashire
  • Youth engagement
  • The behaviour of debt enforcement officers
  • The Council’s Flood Policy (light touch)
  • The impact of the transfer of facilities to town and parish councils (light touch)
  • The effectiveness of Section 106 Agreements (light touch)
  • The impact of upper tier authorities on planning matters (in our case Lancashire County Council)
  • Littering

Scrutiny Panels

In conducting the reviews the panels welcome the views of users of the services, local people and organisations as well as seeking advice from experts. They may conduct surveys or hold open forums in order to gauge public opinion.

Once a panel has gathered and considered all the information available it will draw its conclusions and make recommendations which, once approved by the Scrutiny Management Team, will be submitted to the Executive, ourselves or other organisations. The report will highlight the good as well as the not so good and suggest action for improvement based on the evidence collected.

The Scrutiny Management Team then periodically monitors progress with the recommendations made.

Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel

The Scrutiny Management Team has also appointed a standing panel to look at a range of issues relating to health and social care.  Recent topics have included the recommissioning of homecare services, eye care provision and the local fracture clinic. The panel has also started reviews on mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation provision. The panel will also take up, where it sees fit and has capacity, other issues as they arise.