Houses in multiple occupation

Guidance on the management of houses in multiple occupation regulations

We have produced the following guidance booklet and associated documents detailing best practice advice in proactively meeting these Regulations.

These Regulations place a number of duties upon the manager of a house in multiple occupation, (HMO). These duties include:

  • Duty to provide information to occupiers
  • Duty to take safety measures
  • Duty to maintain water supply and drainage
  • Duty to supply and maintain gas and electricity (These should not be unreasonably interrupted.)
  • Duty to maintain common parts, fixtures, fittings and appliances
  • Duty to maintain living accommodation
  • Duty to provide waste disposal facilities
  • Duty to inform us about occupancy of the HMO

The management of houses in multiple occupation (England) Regulations 2006 place duties on the occupiers of HMOs requiring them:

  • To take reasonable care to avoid causing damage and disrepair
  • To co-operate in a reasonable way with the manager and provide information to allow the manager to carry out his/her duties
  • To comply with any reasonable arrangement made by the manager regarding means of escape from fire, refuse storage and disposal
  • To allow the manager access to their rooms at all reasonable times to carry out their duties

The regulations require that the specified standards of management are achieved and maintained within houses in multiple occupation. Failure to meet these standards may result in a manager or owner of a house in multiple occupation being prosecuted by us. The maximum fine for breach of each Regulation is £5000.