Key Performance Information

Number of street level issues completed

This performance indicator (PI) measures the number of things we do to help people solve problems in their local areas.

When looking at this information please be aware that:

  • The green column represents the total number of street level issues not completed for the year-to-date (i.e. the number for each quarter added together),
  • The blue line represents the historical data for the year-to-date (i.e. the number of targeted intervention activities completed from the start of the year until the end of that specific quarter)

A street level issue could be a number of different things where we are asked for our help to sort out a specific problem/local issue, such as a derelict or abandoned building; youths/neighbour nuisance where standard approaches haven't worked; etc. These issues are identified by individual residents and others (e.g. Area Committees, individual councillors, etc).

This indicator helps us to measure the activity and responsiveness to the issues we're told about while also measuring our ability to work with local partners (e.g. police, social services, etc) to make the interventions that are needed.