Local land charges

What are the alternatives to a full local search?

It is possible, for a fee, anyone to look at the Local Land Charges Register and get an official certificate of search.
The Public Registers mentioned above - these are held in different buildings or towns, and you will need to contact each one to make appointments to view

Appointments for Local Land Charges can be made via land.charges@pendle.gov.uk. Half hour slots are available Monday - Friday (except Bank Holidays) from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and need to be booked 48 hours in advance.

Depending on the questions requested it should be possible to do 4 searches in the half hour.

NOTE: Planning has searchable information on the web from 1990. Prior to 1990 the scanned plotting sheets have to be used.

Highway queries

Highway queries will be answered by Lancashire County Council on 0845 053 0011.  We do however have a register at Number One Market Street which is free to look at.

In the instance of the Public Registers/Free data this can still be accessed in the same way by making appointments with the departments using the Access to Property Search request form.  Download the form, complete it, and fax it to 01282 661630 - or alternatively complete the form and email it to land.charges@pendle.gov.uk.

For further queries please contact land.charges@pendle.gov.uk

Information on Planning Applications

Our Planning department has searchable information on the web from 1990. Prior to 1990 the scanned plotting sheets have to be used. 

View Planning Applications

Private companies offering Local Authority Searches

Recently, a number of companies have set themselves up to carry out Local Authority Searches. However, they only look at Public Registers and not the other detailed information held by the Council.

If you propose to use an alternative service, make sure you ask:

  • what searches will actually be carried out?
  • what qualifications and experience will the searcher have?
  • what insurance cover will I get, and how will I claim if I need to several years later?
  • what will I get for my money?