Improvement for sale

Improvement for sale scheme

If you own an empty property and would like more information or would like to discuss selling your property please contact the Housing Standards Team by email

If you are interested in buying one of our renovated properties, please contact our Properties Services Section or check our Properties For Sale page or

This scheme is aimed at returning long term empty houses that are having a detrimental effect on the surrounding properties back into use.

In April 2010 there were 1847 long term empty properties in the Borough of Pendle, many of them in otherwise fully occupied streets.

Under the Improvement for Sale Scheme we negotiate with the owner to buy the empty house and then fully renovates it to a high standard. This generally involves the property being replastered, rewired, replumbed, new windows, new internal and external doors, new kitchen fittings and a new bathroom suite.

Once the work is completed the property is offered for sale on the open market. However, in areas that have been affected by clearance the renovated properties are offered in the first instance to residents whose homes are to be demolished.