Anti-social behaviour

Taking anti-social behaviour seriously

As part of its Community Safety Partnership, Pendle Council has signed up to Lancashire Constabulary's Pledge which promises that we will:

  • work quickly to understand the problem,
  • acknowledge your complaint, make a record of it and check whether there are any other reports of the same problem,
  • look at all the information about your complaint and work out the best response according to the nature of it,
  • assess your case to make sure we offer you the right support and involve you, where appropriate, in our plans for tackling the problem,
  • treat all the information you give us in confidence and work with other partners to make sure we get the right solution,
  • give you just one person to deal with who will keep you regularly informed of what's happening and let you know as soon as possible, if this changes aim to deal with your problem before it gets worse by making the best use of the tools and powers available. This often doesn't need legal action, offer you support if your case goes to court and you are asked to attend as a witness,
  • work with the courts and Crown Prosecution Service on enforcing Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and other orders, and publish the results of court cases where appropriate,
  • make it easy for you to tell us about local issues and get involved  in solving local problems,
  • ensure better links between neighbourhood policing teams and other organisations to deal with problems quickly,
  • give you and your community clear, consistent, and relevant information about what action is being taken and what effect it is having,
  • let you know how to complain if you aren't happy with the service we have given you