Grey waste bin

Your grey bin is for all waste that cannot be recycled.

On collection day you must put your bin at the edge of your property, no later than 7.30 a.m.

Use our In My Area service to type in your postcode, and find out your next collection day.

Families of 5 and below should be able to manage with one 240 litre wheeled bin, the exception being if there is a family of 5 including children in nappies.

If there are 5 or less people in your home, and you don't have children in nappies, you won't qualify for an extra grey bin. However, we can provide extra containers for recycling/garden waste if required.

If you have 6 or more living in your property, or have children in nappies, or if you believe there are exceptional circumstances, you can request for an additional grey bin.

As part of our assessment we may carry out a waste analysis at your house. We will examine 2 weeks of grey bin waste. Any recyclable waste found in the bin will be removed. Once this has been done, the remaining waste is put back into the grey bin and if the lids shuts down, won't qualify for an extra bin.

Keeping your grey bin clean

It's not unusual for your bin to smell unpleasant.

It has been designed to keep out insects, as long as you shut the lid properly. If it is left open, insects will get inside. Flies are all around, and can spread disease.

Reduce and prevent insects and smells in your bin by:

  • Keeping the bin lid closed all the time
  • Keeping the bin as clean as possible
  • Keeping the bin out of direct sunlight

If you get maggots in your bin, pour a bleach solution over the contents of the bin. To prevent maggots in the future, clean and disinfect the bin after it has been emptied, and follow the guidance above.