Current elections

The next Election, is a by-election for the Walverden Ward of Nelson Town Council on 6 July 2017. See the Parish and Town Council heading for details.

General Election

Standing for election

Parish and town council elections

There is a vacancy for the Walverden Ward of Nelson Town Council. An election was held on 6 July 2017.

There was an election on Thursday 4 May for the two vacancies for the Marsden Ward of Nelson Town Council

Results of previous Parish and Town Council elections

Notice of verification number

Registered electors in Pendle can petition us to hold a referendum on whether we should change to a different form of governance.

A petition like this needs to be signed by at least 5 per cent of the local government electors in the borough.

We publish what this figure is each year, as at 15 February. For 2017, the figure is 3264.

Read the official notice of verification.