Online forms: Discretionary Housing Payment Application Form

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A discretionary housing payment may be claimed if you receive housing benefit but are having difficulty paying the rest of your rent, and help pay for some, or all of the gap between housing benefit and your rent.

Examples of where you might need help are:

The amount of Local Housing Allowance you get has gone down.

The amount of housing benefit you get has been capped.

You rent from a housing association and your housing benefit has been restricted because you have too many bedrooms.

Discretionary housing payments are from a separate fund with a limited budget and are awarded as a short-term measure to help people in financial difficulty.

You must provide any information that is relevant to your claim to help us assess your entitlement and come to a decision. It would also help us better understand your DHP claim if you provide evidence of any circumstances you describe, for example: a letter from your doctor that confirms a medical condition or evidence of your foster care arrangements.