Online forms: Audible Intruder Alarm Keyholder Registration


I am the person responsible for the audible alarm system installed at the premises listed in this form.

I am notifying Pendle Borough Council of the contact details of two nominated keyholders who:

  • have agreed to act as a keyholder and give permission for their contact details to be held by the Council
  • will attend at the premises within 20 minutes if called upon by the Council's Environmental Health Service
  • will take responsibility for silencing the alarm if it is causing a statutory nuisance

I am supplying this information voluntarily.

I am aware that the Council makes no undertaking in relation to this registration other than to make reasonable efforts to contact keyholders in the event of alleged nuisance due to the sounding of the alarm.

I understand that in the case of suspected crime the Council may share this information with the Police so that keyholders can be contacted.

Only click the Next button if you agree to the above declaration.

N.B. Please don't forget to tell us if any of these details changes.